SmartXtend™ is a discrete & simple solution which extends the range of our SmartView+ product, or any other Zigbee SE Smart Meter / IHD system.

Fitting directly into the standard UK 3 pin wall socket, the product is very simple to install and setup.

SmartXtend™ extends the Zigbee signal range, enabling increased success for installs in areas such as large properties, "dark" gas meters or smaller MDU scenarios

Status Indicators

Simple & subtle LED indicators provide instant status information.

This includes indication of RSSI levels during setup, which ensures optimal positioning of the unit to provide maximum range.

Discreet Design

A compact & discreet form means the product won’t look out of place plugged into any plug socket.

Extending Your Network Range

In environments such as large homes or where your Smart Meters are situated remotely to your property, SmartExtend will significantly extend the Zigbee range coverage, allowing you more flexibilty & successful installation of your SmartView+ or other IHD.
For further information on technical specifications or pricing, please contact us