SmartView+™ is a simple and informative energy display, with an intuitive user interface that connects to your gas and electricity smart meters. At home on a mantelpiece, bookshelf, or in the kitchen, it’s sleek aesthetic is suited to any environment. Compact & modern it’s subtle curves invite hand held interaction.

Designed around a standard analogue clock functionality to create a familiar interface. This allows you to view a 'quick glance' of your energy usage over an 11hr period. In combination with the usage light the Standby Screen is a powerful indicator of current & recent energy use.

The Home Screen

Press any button to wake and see the Home Page.

Designed to show real time energy usage in a clear & simple format. You can cycle the displayed units through cost, energy or CO2 by pressing the up/down buttons.

This enables you to see exactly how much electricty & gas you are using instantly and accurately.

Energy Use Indicators

The easily distinguishable traffic light system enables you to see exactly how much energy you are using. The usage light at the bottom of the product is subtle enough to clearly see yet doesn’t overwhelm.

Recent Usage

To access Recent Usage press and holdat the homepage.

This enables you to quickly view & compare your energy spending on a daily & weekly basis. It also enables easy indication of actual use against your daily target. (see below)

Navigating the Menu

Simply presson the home screen to access the sub-menus.

Sub-Menus allow you easily access to detailed information & enhanced functionality should you require it.

This enables in depth information to be displayed, while keeping the Home Screen uncluttered for a 'quick view' of your live & recent energy use.

In a few simple steps you can access detailed information about History, Accounts, Tariffs, Settings and much more.

Set Your Energy Targets

SmartView+ allows you to set your own daily target value to help monitor & reduce your energy use.

The usage lights and indicators automatically update to your new target value, enabling you to understand how much energy you are using and helping you to save money.

Credit or Pre-Pay Meter?

Whether you are on "Pay-As-You-Go" or are billed for your energy throughout the year, SmartView+ automatically adjusts to suit your needs.

If on pay as you go, you can view your remaining credit, activate emergency credit or even enter top up codes directly on SmartView+.

For a credit billing customer, you can view recent bills, payment history and projected bills.

All the above is coupled with detailed information on your current & next tariff giving you instant detailed information on your energy account.

Detailed Energy History

The SmartView+ has detailed energy history for both electricity and gas.

The interactive history screens allow you to see daily, weekly and monthly actual & comparison usage over the short and long term.

By combining the detail of actual values with the comparison graph, you can quickly & easily understand your previous energy use on a single screen.

Convenient & Comfortable

SmartView+ has been designed to be usable by as many people as reasonably possible.

Easy to use on a worktop and comfortable if held in the hand, the buttons are clear, simple and tactile. The user interface uses simple language & icons with consistent screen layout to ensure successful navigation.

SmartView+ is supplied with a micro USB cable to charge the internal rechargable battery. Unplug the cable if you wish to move the display around your home. The battery lasts for approximately 7 hours from full charge.
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Tech Specs

Display Type: 2.8inch TFT 240x320ppi
Display Viewing Angle: 60° bottom, 70° top, left & right
Standby Time on Battery (max): 130 hours (approx.)
Operating Time on Battery (typical): 7 hours (approx.)
DC Supply Voltage: 5V
Product Weight: 135 grams
Dimensions: 107mm x 61mm x 61mm
Battery Capacity: 750mAh 3.7V
Full SmartView+ Specification