A simple and informative smart energy in-home display, with an intuitive user interface to enable engagement with a broad spectrum of consumers.

Deployed as part of a smart metering system, the SmartView+™ delivers real time energy information with enhanced functionality and gives you control over how you use your energy.

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A next generation consumer access device which combines real time smart energy information and the control of all your smart home devices.

Whether you want to view your live energy use, schedule your heating program, control a smart device or even check on your home safety, it brings together smart energy data and the "Internet Of Things" in a single & intuitive user interface.

Access is easy, whether home or away, using any smartphone or tablet.

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A discrete & simple solution which extends the range of our SmartView+™ product, or any other Smart Meter / IHD system. Insatallation is simple & secure.

SmartXtend™ extends the Zigbee signal range, enabling solutions to be deployed in areas such as "dark" gas meters, large scale properties or smaller MDU scenarios.

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A simple & effective way to view all your real-time energy use on any device with an HDMI port.

This enables a rich user experience via a larger display, the use of audio or text to speech capabilities.

The Connected Home

Our product family enables multiple interaction and control points for your real time smart energy and smart devices. Whichever way you prefer to view your energy & control your smart devices, it's totally up to you.